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I got home about an hour and a half ago from parents. Being alone in an apartment on Christmas night is really weird. It happens though, I know. Had a great Christmas, am just bummed about having to drive back down here for work tomorrow.

Also? Am freaking out quite badly because I can't find my favorite stuffed animal (Ferrelldawg) anywhere. He was in a bag for the whole 3 hour ride and now he's not anywhere. This really fucking sucks.
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I'm having a hard time focusing tonight and it bums me out. I felt sleepy earlier too, like really sleepy :/ I hope I'm not coming down with something.

I've been doing a bad thing tonight. Well...not really bad, just not smart for me. Since I couldn't get my mind on track, I started just reading things. I ended up reading back LJ entries of people who...I am no long friends with, or can't seem to get back on track with, where the friendship seems to have died down... generally just people I miss and am sad about. I don't know why I do it, I guess it somewhat helps to just reread.

But then I get so angsty I feel like I'll explode unless I write...something, like this. I wish I didn't do it. X.x Argh. I think I need a hug.

I have found lately though, listening to movie scores really calms me down, like some Star Wars and Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park. I should probably keep that up at least.

Happier entry when I wake up, I promise. I should probably get off LJ :/ Maybe I should sleep soon.


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