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Today Keith and I celebrate 9 years together! Go us! :D We have total bragging rights! xDD

We also saw a parade today for Bennington Battle Day. It was okay. Got some candy out of it.

I'm feeling unusually social xDDD Like, I can't wait for Rachel to come over later to watch The Last Unicorn and I'm almost DOUBLY excited to see if Owl still wants to get phone-drunk tonight LOL.

AND AND I HAVE TIME TO WATCH BLADES OF GLORY AFTER I GET OFF THE COMPUTER :D Keith is off buying dinner stuffs. See, for the weekend I proposed we cook each other dinner. Yesterday I made spaghetti which I HATE WITH A PASSION FUCK YOU SPAGHETTI. Buuuut since I hate it we never have it and so I decided to make it for him. So tonight I get Potato bacon cheddar soup ♥ Also I bought him beer yesterday so I got a Coolata from him today!

AN EXAMPLE OF WHY WE WORK GOOD TOGETHER, spoken as we walked back from the pet store:

Me: My fantasies of me and Chazz have to be sandwiched by Jimmy/Chazz fantasies so I don't feel guilty.
Keith: I don't know if I want to do her in the vag or the ass.
Me: And it makes no sense, if Chazz is getting Jimmy ass he wouldn't downgrade to me I mean...Jimmy's ASS!
Keith: I'll do her from behind so she can't talk to me.
Me: Of course, the bonus of Jimmy and Chazz together is that I get to watch-
Keith: I'll stop if you stop.
Me: Okay.



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