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HARRY POTTER. I GOT OUT OF THE MIDNIGHT SHOWING ABOUT AN HOUR AGO AND I AM SO FUCKING HYPER RIGHT NOW. It's past 3 am so I'mma have to swallow a melatonin to get to bed I think xD; Or just drink vodka and sit still. Nah. Lol.

I'm going to cut for anything spoilerific, though I think most people on my list (who are going) have read the book. Although there are always differences between book and movie so maybe still spoilers.

Okay well I went alone which made me sad at first. And I sat alone DX

But once the movie started it didn't really matter, everyone cheered/laughed/nonsensical gibberished at the same parts xD

THE DRAGON. Was the goddamm dragon in the book? I can't remember for the life of my but that shit was cool. DRAGON!!!


Okay I know Ron and Hermione's kiss was different but I think the way it happened in the movie was great xDD "OMG SO MUCH WATER WE'RE SOAKED *ROMANTIC KISS FOR THE AGES*"





I wanted to give him cuddles and kittens and a Lily blow-up doll ;____; Yea, I cried. Seeing the end of Snape was a really fucking weird feeling. I've never been a huge Snape fan - I never disliked him at all though. I don't think I was into any particular character in the series honestly, just the overall everything.

ANYWAY yea that got to me, especially showing the past and explaining it all. Snape holding dead Lily...the sad outweighed the creepy factor for me.

Also I almost though Harry and Snape were going to kiss O_o;; blaming Tripp for that one xD

There were like 5 million thoughts going through my head but fuck if I remember.

Oh, the epilogue...I know some people will think it ws stupid, some thought it was cute - I'm in the boat that using the same actors was just adorable xD Loved it.

The 3d was really good. I thought 3D wasn't effective for me. I guess it takes the right movie, because it was awesome. Also I got a pair of the special edition glasses. So..that was so worth it. It was strange because there were a bunch of empty seats at the front, yet people in the snack line were complaining about how they didn't make it for the 3D tickets. Must be there were quite a few no-shows.

It's so weird. I mean I was never in the fandom or whatever, only made it to a few midnight book releases/movie premiers but it's bizarre to know its over. I remember being in grade school and everyone was talking about Harry Potter. It was so popular the only book I was able to get my hands on was the third. LOL. Yea, I read Prisoner of Azkaban first and was soo confused. And I remember buying the first movie on VHS after school one day and being so excited xD I know Keith and I watched it quite a few times.

People wonder if there will be more in the future...I don't know. Money talks, so I want to say probably. But I also want to say they won't fuck it up and will leave the series as it is. Even if Rowling does some side stories for her wizarding world (like that beetle bard one or whatever) it still won't really...continue. Harry's story is done.'s 3:45 am and I'm not even tired. I am so wired from that experience. People clapping and laughing, wilf applause when Mrs Weasley called Bellatrix a bitch and fucking ended her xD

I think I'm seeing it again Saturday with Alclave. Whoot!

Okay, I better pop a melatonin. Work isn't until 2, but I need to run an errand to Walmart and tell the pharmacists that they're dumb assholes.

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