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I did a mass upload of art on DA last night, and someone left a comment on my profile saying something like "you made it to QAN". QAN stands for Quit Art Now.

And then they posted the pic I drew on their little blogspot (it's the pink dog and the corgidile with mugs of coffee) and made fun of it -

I don't know if I should be mad or "yay free publicity"?

Date: 2011-05-23 07:06 pm (UTC)
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I dunno it says they only have 6 followers and they did post it in a "nice" format i.e. linking to you...the rest of the art there isn't nearly as cute or nicely done so I say go with "yay free publicity" for the time being.

Also think if people click it to look at your stuff, they'll see the cooler stuff anyway since this is one of your more "standard/basic" drawings, and it's not bad plus I've seen some of your other stuff that is even more impressive and eye-catching.

Plus his comments are all about the scene and the design of the one character...I noticed he didn't even touch the other character, or the technical ability you have other than the fries...seriously lame...prob someone you got "mad" somewhere else or even more likely a jealous pos considering his icon looks to be an anthro character as well.

Also if you decide you're upset enough by his post that you want it removed there are generally route you can take to get it removed since you are the copyright holder. ;)

(just fixing wording since I typed it hurriedly at work and didn't wanna double comment)
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Date: 2011-05-24 03:15 am (UTC)
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LOL geez how many times did you edit XDDD

Yea. I figure if anyone does follow it to my gallery, they will see other work. Not that I'm a stellar artist or anything, but I certainly don't think it's bad. On the pic they chose for example I was really proud of my marker coloring.

You know, I don't think it's anyone who I've pissed off...I think they just saw it on DA's main page right after I uploaded it and went for it. I noticed they didn't touch the other character, guess they like that one? Though to be fair so do I xD

I wasn't sure how to feel earlier, but I'm actually not upset about the post. I'm kind of..really bummed that Keith thought it was "old art" but meh..

Date: 2011-05-26 01:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
sorry lol XD it was kinda a lot...^^;;;

he's picking on all sorts of decent artists and he actually goes after a user in a recent post, sounds like a pos with nothing to do. it also looks like his first blog was deleted, and if you look under report (it's an option on the top) he has broken some of the TOS, so if you want we can mobilize an "army" of people to report this jealous dude.


Date: 2011-05-23 08:25 pm (UTC)
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No but really, who ever created that blog and manages it sucks ass. That person either can't draw or thinks he can but isn't as great as he perceives it to be.

That picture they chose is actually colored pretty well considering you used markers. And this piece of yours here is really colored well and your perspective on arm movements was drawn correctly (

Art elitists can go crawl up in a hole. Fuck anyone who gets judgmental over fanart or art people draw for fun. A lot of them are just jealous assholes. Especially the ones that go after popular artists who happen to be nice.

Date: 2011-05-24 03:19 am (UTC)
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That's my sentiment ♥

I think that person is just some jealous asswipe. Something just stinks of "I have no talent so I'll mock people who do/are trying to get better".

Awww, thanks :3 For what you said on both pictures. That second piece I just sort of did as practice, so it's nice to hear someone likes it.

Also, thing on the asshole's blog that amused me: my "purple" dog. Hello, the pink is pretty! *flail*

edited for stupid typos O_o
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Date: 2011-05-24 03:32 am (UTC)
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You were brave enough to put your work out there so don't concern yourself with the opinion of a snarky troll who just wants to get noticed for other peoples work. That's all it boils down to.

Date: 2011-05-25 04:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
funny, I don't see mush there, I can't draw a "meal" to save my life. Aw the hate blogs amuse the hell outta me.
Usually when I get this crap? yeah, ppl are fucking jealous and cant fucking stand my mad fucking skilz.
I hate ot say, but a blog like that is disgruntling, the ppl involved aren't negative part of society liek some dam shouting ass bitch cosplayers who think they're the epic epicness and like EPIC and point HATER at everyone else for their selfish shit. Internet brings out the honesty of what ppl really are...this peice a shit can only bitch, haz no skilz.


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